Who are we?

About Us

Musaned is an electronic platform and a new integrated system that facilitates recruitment procedures in an unprecedented manner. Under the supervision of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development in order to facilitate the procedures for the recruitment of domestic workers and to increase the level of protection of the rights of all parties, where Musaned raise awareness of employers and domestic workers to clarify their rights and duties. In the sense that everyone who has a role in the recruitment process is clear before him responsibilities, rights and duties towards

Our services

  • Econtract

    Electronic service that makes it easier for you to contract with local recruitment offices around the Kingdom electronically

  • Evisa

    Electronic service that makes it easier for you to obtain a new, alternative or disability visa

  • Etawtheq

    Electronic service that facilitates the contractual procedures between the local private recruitment offices (PRO) and the External private recruitment offices (EPRO) from other countries.ً

How it works?

  • Step 1


    Issue your visa online with your preferred nationality and occupation.

  • Step 2


    Get an access to more than 100 recruitment offices and companies with variety of offers and nationalities.

  • Step 3

    Easy payment and tracking online

  • Step 4

    Arrival of the domestic worker

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